Merseyside warned of difficult driving conditions as weather warning for ICE issued

The Met Office has issued Merseyside a yellow weather warning for ICE through Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to drop to near freezing through the early hours of Sunday due to clear skies.

The Met Office warn that wet surfaces from Saturdays rain could freeze over, which could lead to difficult driving conditions.

The weather warning is in place until 10am on Sunday.

The Met Office say: “An area of rain, sleet and some snow over northeast Scotland will clear overnight, whilst bands of showers, some falling as hail, with sleet or snow over high ground, moving east across many other parts of the warning area during the first part of the night.

“Showers becoming more restricted to western parts by Sunday morning.

“Temperatures will fall below freezing between the showers and more widely later in the night, leading to a risk of ice, particularly on untreated surfaces”.

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