Rare footage of sunken Wirral submarine that’s been lost for over 100 years


Amazing footage shows the worlds first steam powered submarine that was built on Wirral lying on the seabed.

After a trail in Wallasey docks the submarine sank in 1880 on it’s maiden voyage to Portsmouth off the north Wales coast.

Resurgam shortly after construction in Birkenhead docks – 1879

Now as part of a History channel TV documentary, the submarine that was lost for 115 years will be shown to audiences across the UK.

Dave Parry, Chester Sub Aqua Club’s Diving Officer, who are responsible for preserving the submarine, said: We filmed the interview for the documentary at Woodside Ferry Terminal where there is a permanent replica model of the Resurgam on the quayside.

Resurgam replica at Woodside

“It’s a really interesting wreck that’s now covered in wildlife. There are a huge number of crabs, dead men’s finger anemones, lobsters and the odd conger eel and shoals of fish living around it.

“The model at Woodside is exactly as it is a perfect replica. If the wreck was raised it might not survive and it would be a shame to remove it as all the wildlife would die or need to move.”

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