Arctic winds to bring freezing weather & risk of snow to Merseyside this week

Wirral snow

The week will start off mild with a mix of rain and sunshine, however, by midweek temperatures are expected to drop bringing a risk of snow.

The change in the position of the jet stream is to blame as arctic air will be able to filter down over to the UK.

Towards the end of the week arctic weather will have the UK in its grasp, which will bring colder weather and a risk of sleet or snow to some areas of Mersyside on Thursday.

By the weekend temperatures during the day wont climb above 4C and there could be the risk of some further sleet or snow showers.

The Met Office say: ‘Thursday sees rain in the south clearing to a mixture of sunshine and showers across the country.

‘These showers will turn increasingly wintry, even to lower levels in the north, where they will be most frequent.

‘It’ll be windy with coastal gales, and turning colder with frosts likely overnight. Temperatures will be highs of 4 and 6 degrees and lows of 0 and -1 degrees.

‘Conditions are expected to stay unsettled through the weekend, with areas of cloud and rain pushing west to east across the country, interspersed with brighter, showery spells.

‘So all in all, the week starts off relatively mild but will progressively turning colder and by the end of the week, you’ll see some very wintry snow showers.’

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