Take a look back at our 5 most read incredible stories of 2016

risk waves3

We are looking back at some of our most read stories of 2016 just before the year is over, have a re-read and a watch of some incredible tales.

In January we were stunned as Mark Beale sent us shocking footage of a man nearly being knocked over by a large wave while holding a young child on Wirral. The footage was so shocking it was picked up by TV stations and newspapers around the world. Read the full article here.

In March the International Space Station gave is a very unique look at Merseyside. The crew on board the ISS snapped this stunning picture of Wirral & Liverpool. Read the full article here.


In April we reported that the Met Office had issued Merseyside snow weather warnings.. in April. Thousands of you logged on to read this unusual story. Read the full article here.

In June heavy rain caused flash flooding in parts of Chester, so much so it forced an evacuation of a nearby shopping centre as shops began to flood. Read the full article here.

In November we revealed that four of Wirral’s beaches had some of the most hygienic water in the country. Read the full article here.

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