Unsettled weather leads to a decline in bee and butterfly populations


The unpredictable British weather has lead to a decline in Bee and Butterfly populations, according to the National Trust.

A lot of species have been impacted by the milder than usual and unsettled weather over the last 10 years.

Numbers of bee’s have reportedly dropped as much as 85% compared to the previous year at some sites across the UK, with some sights of certain butterfly species dropping by 73%.

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The Trust’s nature and wildlife specialist Matthew Oates said that 2016 topped off an “unsettled decade”.

Mr Oates said: “2016 comes on top of an unsettled decade, with many species struggling in the face of climate change and more intensive farming practices.”

 “In the 10 years we’ve been reviewing wildlife at our places we’ve noticed pulses of unsettled weather become the norm.”

And he said: “When you do get good weather during the brighter months of the year, it’s almost inevitably short-lived and finished with something nasty.

“During the brightest months, we do seem to be getting more extreme weather events, most of which aren’t nice”

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