Fog expected to cause disruption this week on Merseyside as Met Office issue more weather warnings

Kirsty Bakstad

The Met Office have issued further warnings for fog as its expected to cause some disruption on Thursday.

Wednesday and Thursday’s temperatures are not expected to reach above 3C during the day, nightly lows could dip below freezing bringing the risk of some fog patches the Met Office have warned.

Warnings were issued for Wednesday but the Met Office now expect that the fog will return again from 5pm Wednesday evening to 12pm on Thursday afternoon.

The Met Office has warned that there could be some delays to traffic and air travel.

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 What do the Met Office say ?

“A few patches of fog will persist during Wednesday afternoon across East Wales, the Midlands and eastern England, then reforming or thickening up over these areas quickly during the evening and more widely across the rest of the warning area overnight and into Thursday morning.

“Whilst not all areas will have fog, where it does form the visibility could be less than 100 metres. Combined with temperatures below freezing, there is also the risk of ice forming on some untreated surfaces particularly later in the night and early on Thursday morning”.

“The fog patches are expected to slowly thin during Thursday, although some patches may persist throughout the day – most likely in a zone from the West Country to Eastern England”.

Article teaser picture: Kirsten Hignett

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