Freezing weather on the way for Merseyside as temperatures set to plummet


Just after the second mildest Christmas Day ever, temperatures are predicted to drop over the next two days.

Merseyside enjoyed Christmas Day temperatures of 12C, but just a few days later temperatures are predicted to drop by 9C.

Wednesday and Thursday’s temperatures are not expected to reach above 3C during the day, nightly lows could dip below freezing bringing the risk of some foggy and icy patches.

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The colder weather will be down to high pressure sitting above the UK which will block any stormy and milder weather from the Atlantic.

However, as we head into new year the weather should recover slightly and temperatures should be back into the high single figures.

The Met Office say: “A lot of dry and chilly weather for the rest of the week but cloudier generally.

“Patchy rain by Friday though, and winds picking up”.

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