Britain enjoys one of the mildest Christmas Days on record


Britain enjoyed the second mildest Christmas Days on record this year.

The record of the warmest ever Christmas Day temperature was set in Kent in 1920 when 15.6C was recorded.

This Christmas nearly beat that temperature but was just out by a fraction of a degree as 15.1C was recorded in Aberdeenshire, which also equals 2011’s Christmas temperature.

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Locally Merseyside is expected to have a more chilly Boxing Day with temperatures around 7C.

Strong winds have also been forecast as coastal areas could see gusts of up to 40mph-50mph.

The Met Office say: “Quite windy through the morning with a few scattered showers, especially across Cumbria.

“Plenty of sunshine across southern counties though, with winds easing in the afternoon, feeling much colder than Christmas Day”.

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