Should I bring my Small Animals indoors when it’s cold ?


If you bring your small animal indoors for a bit of exercise or to warm up during the day, then they must stay indoors all winter to avoid stress and vulnerability to the cold.

This is because animals build up their natural coats based on temperatures and the outdoor habitat.

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Bringing them in and leaving them out can lead to animals moulting their coats which ultimately wont keep them warm enough during the night.

Remember: The temperature of a house can differ by as much as 20 degrees, this extreme temperature difference will make the pet feel freezing when put back outside.


Winter Checklist:

You could line the hutch sleeping section with thick brown cardboard for extra insulation.

The hutch should be raised off the ground to help prevent the cold, the damp and rodents.

Bed down the floor of the hutch with a thick layer of shavings, and pack the bed area with straw.

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Straw is hollow so it is a fantastic insulator. Hay should be given to rabbits and guinea pigs to eat. Both hay and straw should be topped up daily.

Feed the animals as normal – twice per day, this also enables you to check them twice.

Rabbits and Guinea pigs need to be fed plenty of hay.

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