Met Office indicates that there is a chance of snow this Christmas

Heswall by Andrew Roe
The Met Office have indicated in their long range forecast that there’s a chance of snow this Christmas in the UK.

Snow could be a feature during December, as the forecast predicts cold air will sink south, which could result in any outbreaks of rain turning to snow, especially over higher ground.

Early forecast suggests that Christmas Day could see colder and drier than normal conditions as high pressure builds, which may bring the risk of fog and ice.

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The Met Office say: “As we head towards the middle of December, unsettled weather may continue at first, especially in the north-west, before more generally settled conditions return as high pressure builds in more widely across the UK.

“This will bring drier than average conditions for many areas with lighter winds and an increased risk of frost and fog, especially where skies remain clear overnight.

“As a result of the drier weather it is also likely to be colder than normal.

“Latest observations from around the globe and long-range weather prediction systems suggest that the early part of the winter period is more likely than usual to be cold.

” This implies a heightened risk of wintry weather during December and into January”.

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