Temperatures on Merseyside will be colder than Iceland today

Central Park lake in Wallasey freezes over
Today is expected to be the coldest day of the year so far on Merseyside as temperatures will be at a very chilly 3C.

This means that Merseyside will be colder than Iceland, which will be one degree warmer.

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Although the weather is expected to be bright, with colder temperatures it will feel much chillier in the breeze, temperatures will feel closer to -5 at times.

Temperatures during Tuesday night could see some of the coldest weather we’ve seen all year, the mercury could fall well below freezing in some areas.

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The Met Office forecast reads: “After a frosty start to the day, it’ll be another fine and dry day with plenty of sunshine for most.

“Despite the sunshine it will feel cold.”

Ladbrokes bookmakers are offering odds of 2/1 that a new record is set for the coldest night of 2016 before next Sunday.

Ladbrokes are also only offering even odds that the temperature drops to -10c or lower.

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