Met Office issues level 2 cold weather alert as U.K is gripped by freezing weather


The Met Office has issued cold weather alerts until Friday, as the UK is gripped by weather that is colder than Iceland.

Although the weather is expected to be bright at times, with colder temperatures it will feel much chillier in the breeze, temperatures will feel closer to -5.

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Temperatures during Tuesday night could see some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen all year, the mercury could fall well below freezing in some areas.

This has forced the Met Office to issue the UK a level 2 cold weather alert which warns of an 80% chance of severe cold weather, which could increase the health risks to the vulnerable.

A forecaster said: “High pressure will bring generally dry and settled conditions through this period, with clear skies and light winds allowing a widespread moderate frost to occur tonight and tomorrow night.

“A Level 2 Cold Weather Alert for all regions, except London, will be triggered.

“From Wednesday onwards cloudier and slightly less cold conditions will arrive across northern England, therefore overnight frosts become fewer and less severe, and the trigger criteria are unlikely to be met across northern areas, while perhaps persisting further south until almost the end of the forecast period”.

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