WATCH: Amazing drone footage shows stunning Merseyside landmarks during fog

Temperatures dipped -4 this weekend as thick fog rolled in across the Mersey.

Visibility across Merseyside today was dramatically reduced as thick fog was present over the region all day.

Flights from Liverpool Airport were diverted to manchester and others were delayed for several hours.

Liverpool Airport tweeted: “Due to heavy fog we’re experiencing some disruption but we’re open as usual. Please contact airlines directly for individual flight info”.

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The footage at the top of the page was captured by Tony Davies by a drone showing the Liverpool waterfront completely blanketed by thick Fog.

Another drone user Bluefin Aerial photography captured the footage below over Bidston Hill.

At 231m above sea level it’s one of the highest points on Wirral, so it was almost completely clear of any fog this weekend.

The Met Office say that “Sunday is expected to be another cold day with the risk of fog in the morning, which should lift by afternoon.

“Partly cloudy, but with many breaks and frequent sunny spells for many. Remaining dry with light winds”.

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