7 delicious foods to eat during the cold weather 

Sausage and mash

A true British classic that requires amazingly tasty sausages and extra creamy buttery mash.. I’m hungry.

Jacket Potato

Heathy, tasty, full of energy and it will keep you going from lunch until dinner. Very nice with tuna, cheese, bacon or even sprinkled with broken up crunchy nachos.

Beans on Toast

Simple, quick and filling. Can’t go wrong with this that requires little effort for such tasty results. For extra flavour why not add a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and Worcester Sauce.

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Macaroni Cheese

Pasta, full of energy. Cheese, full of flavour. When whacked in the oven it creates a crispy topping with a gooey cheesy filling. This will get you through the winter nights as your body will need the energy through the night to keep you warm.


Nothing warms you up more than a curry. Whether it be spicy or mild you always seem to get a sweat on with all of the added hot extras, such as onion bhajis and hot fluffy naan.

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Shepard’s or cottage pie

Another traditional English grub. I’m more of a shepards pie man my self but you can’t go wrong with either during the cold nights. It has to have plenty of gravy and chunky mash though.


The ultimate food for cold weather, especially during winter. Full of hearty goodness and everything the body needs. Nothing without a good cut of slow cooked falling off the fork meat, Chunky potatoes.. oh and please don’t forget the the crusty bread.

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