WATCH: Merseyside battered by huge waves & there’s more unsettled weather on the way

Coastal locations across Merseyside got a battering today, as high tide and windy weather caused over topping waves.

New Brighton was a stormy scene as huge waves hammered the sea front.

All about New Brighton sent us the footage above as they captured the scene live on their facebook page.

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There was also costal flooding in west kirby and Liverpool with the Met Office saying that there will be similar weather on Thursday.

Their forecast reads: “Cold, windy and unsettled with showers, including a longer spell of rain.

“Showers at times heavy with a risk of hail and thunder, and perhaps wintry over hills by evening”

This is all down to the Jet stream changing position and allowing northerly winds to dominate our weather.

On Thursday the region could see cold strong winds of up to 40mph with rain, as we head towards the weekend it will be often windy with sunshine and blustery showers which could turn heavy.

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