7 tips to help you through a winter pregnancy 

A number of pregnant women have given some tips to help other women through a winter pregnancy.


Wear the right shoes and try to steer away from heals, avoid the risk of walking on any icy surfaces.

Wellies or boots with knitted socks are a winner during winter. Flimsy shoes are fine for indoors.


Pregnancy can have you go from chilly to hot in a short space of time, removing a layer is always easier than completely changing your outfit. So go for clothes that are easily removable, like a wool cardigan.


Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to speak out. Often people don’t notice you are pregnant due to the long winter coat and you need that seat on any public transport to avoid standing up in rush hour.


Protect yourself against winter viruses by washing hands frequently and using alcohol hand gel, pregnant women are entitled to the flu jab so it’s worth speaking to your GP about this.

All prescriptions are free for expectant mums which lasts until the next of first year of your newborns life.

Pregnancy related sickness can’t be used against you by your employer, give  yourself time to recover from illness.


The icy cold winds can cause problems, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Protecting your face and hands is easy, making those winter walks to work or Christmas shopping more bearable, just keep a handy tube of moisturiser in your bag or a pocket size Vaseline.


If it’s a snowy morning then get help with clearing the path, don’t risk doing it yourself!


Winter is the perfect time of year to cook up a healthy hearty stew full of veg and red meat which is great for your iron levels.. and why even leave the house to shop, order online and beat the stress of the Christmas food shop!

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