5 things you need to know about tonight’s RARE Supermoon


Why is this Supermoon so special ?

This one is special because it will be closer than a usual supermoon, the moon will make it’s closest approach than it has done in the last 68 years.

It’s closest approach to earth will result in the moon looking about 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual.

 When can I see it ?

The biggest supermoon since 1948 will rise across the UK and Merseyside on Monday 14th November.

The Moon will be at its closest – only 221,524 miles away – at 11:21PM.

Where can I see it ?

Anywhere if it’s not cloudy, just look up, if you’re photographing it it’s probably best heading into more darker areas way from light pollution, this way you’ll get the prefect shot.

Will we see it on Merseyside ?

The weather is expected to be rainy and cloudy throughout the day, the thick cloud is expected to stay throughout the night too which means there will be a low chance of spotting the supermoon on Merseyside.

Will there be another one ?

There wont be one as close until 2034, it’s took the moon 68 years to get this close.

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