Four of Wirral’s beaches found to have the most hygienic water in the country


Millions of visitors to England’s stunning seaside and bathing spots will be able to enjoy swimming in cleaner water than ever before.

Bathing water quality, tested at 413 beaches and lakes up and down the country, is the best on record and 98.5 per cent passed tough standards this year.

Four of Wirral’s beaches were tested and made the list of some of the most hygienic in the country.

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Beaches at Moels, Wallasey, Moreton, West Kirby were all tested for harmful by the Environment Agency and were found to have excellent quality.

Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom said: “England’s bathing waters are enjoyed by millions of people every year, which is why I am delighted the water quality at our beaches and lakes is better than at any time since before the Industrial Revolution.

“This year more than 93 per cent of bathing waters were rated excellent and good, but we’re not complacent – we’ll keep working to improve our environment and make sure it’s protected for future generations”.

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