A much calmer but colder November ahead for Merseyside

This time last year the U.K. was being battered by strong storms, this year forecasters expect the weather to be much calmer.

However, it’s expected to feel colder than usual this November as northerly winds dominate our weather, this will bring more colder temps, frosty mornings and snow over the Welsh mountains.

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The Met Office long range forecast reads: “Spells of windier and stormier weather look to be less frequent than would normally be expected for the time of the year.

“It looks more likely that we’ll see a continuation of winds from a broadly northerly direction, particularly in mid November, bringing colder than usual temperatures, with potential for widespread frosts at times.

“It will likely be a mixed period of weather, with periods of unsettled, breezy weather, bringing rain or showers, and perhaps snow over higher ground in the north.

“This will likely be interspersed with periods of drier and more settled conditions”.