What will the weather be like on Merseyside for the Orionids meteor shower ?


The Orionids meteor shower will peak tonight and will last until Saturday, with up to 25 meteors every hour.

There will be clear skies at times on Merseyside tonight which should give a glimpse of the meteor shower, but it will feel cold.

The Met Office tweeted on Wednesday that Merseyside has a good chance of seeing the meteor shower the following night due to clear skies.

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Their forecast for tonight reads: “It will stay dry tonight with some clear spells allowing mist and fog patches to form once again.

“Turning rather cold with winds remaining light, temperatures will average around 9C”.

Friday & Saturday night are also expected to see clear nights which should give Merseysiders plenty of opportunity too view the shower.

The meteor shower takes place due to dust particles from Halley’s comet colliding with earths atmosphere.

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