Forecasters warn UK of frequent storms & floods this winter, but will it snow ?


Forecasters at Accuweather have warned that the UK could see frequent storms this winter.

Forecasters say that the UK could start to be battered by storms as early as the end of October, which would see the first named storm of the season.

The most active storm period will be from December through February.

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AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert said: “A stormy weather pattern will set in before wintertime with active weather during the second half of October across the United Kingdom.”

“At least one named windstorm is expected during this time before a lull in November.

“However, storm systems may still bring locally heavy rainfall at times during the month.

“The most active period of weather will be during the official winter months from December through February.”

Forecasters warn that there is the potential for multiple storms in just one week through December and February.

Mr Reppert added: “December and February will bring the potential for multiple windstorms within a week.

“The greatest wind threat is expected across Northern Ireland and Scotland while significant, but less frequent, damaging wind events will impact the rest of the United Kingdom.

“Above-normal rainfall across the UK and Ireland will result in another winter of flooding problems.”

The stormy weather could mean a lack of snowfall this winter, as milder Atlantic air will block any colder air from the north, however, higher areas of the UK could see some snow flurries.

Some newspapers have reported snowfall could be a possibility as early as this weekend, however, for Merseyside there is NO snow forecast.

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