Wirral & Liverpool issued flood warnings TONIGHT


Merseyside has been issued flood warnings tonight by the Environment Agency, as high tide and heavy rain could lead to high river levels.

Places likely to be affected are the east side of the Wirral, from Birkenhead to Bromborough, with parts of Liverpool waterfront also under the warning area.

The Environment Agency say that flooding could occur around the next high tide, which is at just after midnight tonight.

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They said: “The next high tide is expected to be 5.30m at Liverpool Gladstone Dock, at 00:06 hours on 17/10/16.

“Places likely to be affected are: Rock Park at 00:15 hours (17/10/16) estimated peak 5.75m Hale Village at 00:45 hours, (17/10/16) estimated peak of 6.18m”.

“Further information on the next high tide will follow in due course”.

The Met Office say in tonights forecast: “It will be windy tonight with a few more showers, including some heavy downpours near the coast.

“There will be gaps in the cloud for the “Supermoon” to shine through”.

Next week is set to see more windy and wet weather across Merseyside with some sunny spells.

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