Windy weekend ahead for Merseyside, but there’s no snow forecast


A change in air flow direction will mean a slightly milder feel to the weather this weekend.

Wind speeds will increase too, as there will be a a shift in the UK’s winds to a more South Westerly position allowing low pressure to arrive over the UK.

Temperatures have been cooler recently as air from Scandinavia has been dominating the weather, but as this is predicted to shift to air from a more SW position, this will mean wetter and milder temperatures.

So unfortunately unlike some news outlets are reporting, this will mean no snow on Merseyside.

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Grahame Madge, Met Office spokesman, said: ‘We don’t think [snow} is going to be in the forecast over the next few days.

‘Our weather has been largely coming from Scandinavia. By the weekend we will see a breakdown of that easterly flow.

‘Instead, we have got our weather coming from the Atlantic, which means things are going to be a bit warmer and wetter.’