Brrrr.. chillier weather is here to stay on Merseyside.. but there is one good thing..


The good thing being that it’ll be a mostly dry & bright week, but breezy, it’ll feel chilly in the breeze with temperatures averaging around 15C.

After a chilly start on Monday for most we’ll see bright or sunny spells developing through the morning. There will be long sunny spells into the afternoon but the breeze will be fresh, especially along the coast.

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On Tuesday any early morning mist and fog will soon clear tomorrow morning. Some bright or sunny spells will develop and it will feel pleasant in the sunshine.

Wednesday will see sunny spells and a chilly breeze.

Thursday and Friday will be cloudier with some brightness, but with the risk of a shower.

Friday will see more cloudy conditions that will last through util the weekend, when there’s a chance of some brighter spells at times.

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