6 things to look forward to during Autumn


Autumn is upon us, so we are taking a look at 6 things to look forward to during the season.

  • The colourful trees – Just before the leaves fall off the trees and cover the ground, they turn a brown and orange colour which make beautiful photographs, they’re also fun to have a kick and a roll around in too when they are on the ground!
  • Weather starts to get chillier – Cooler weather means we can break out the comfy hoodies, jackets or blankets. It’s always great to stick the fire on to add to the mood and warm you up.


  • Halloween – It’s an excuse to dress up, have a party and play some kids games. You never get to old for Halloween plus pumpkins look great in the dark and there’s some great spooky cocktail recipes out there.


  • Warm drinks – Now nights are pulling in, it gets chilly quicker and to keep warm we can snug on the couch with a nice warm drink without getting too hot. Having a little flask of warm mulled wine to share on bonfire night is always a winner with me.


  • Foggy mornings – Fog pictures are stunning and it’s a sign winter is not far away. Our audience is always spoiling us with their foggy pictures!


  • Conkers – Searching the floor for the biggest and most shiny conkers always reminds me of being a child. It’s a great excuse to tempt the kids away from the iPad and get them out doors to see who can find the best.


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