Met Office reveals this years list of Storm names


Last autumn/winter (2015-16) the Met Office partnered with the Irish met service, Met Éireann, to run a pilot naming scheme whereby members of the public suggested names for wind storms with the potential to cause substantial impacts.

Last year over 11 storms were named, and although the pilot scheme only ran for one extended winter storm season, it has already demonstrated that storm-naming can make a big difference to the communication of severe weather.

Derek Ryall, Head of Public Weather Services at the Met Office said “By naming storms more people were made aware of the approaching threat of severe weather and were able to act on this information.

A YouGov survey based on the first seven storms showed that 55% of those surveyed took steps to prepare for stormy weather after hearing that a storm had been named. People were therefore better informed.”

Name our storms
2016 storm names
A storm will be named when it has the potential to cause an amber ‘be prepared’ or red ‘take action’ warning.

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