Merseyside issued severe weather warning for thundery showers

A very warm and humid air mass is in place across much of the UK, with conditions marginal for thunderstorm development this afternoon as temperatures rise. 

However, where storms do form, there is a lot of moisture and energy available, with the risk of more than 30 mm of rain in around an hour, large hail and frequent lightning.

Outbreaks of showery rain may turn torrential and thundery across parts of northern England and southeast Scotland. 

READ MORE: Temperatures on the rise again as UK could see hottest September day in 55 years

Whilst most places will miss the worst, there is also a risk of large hail, frequent lightning and strong winds. 

The warning is in place from 2pm – 11pm today.

Forecasters have predicted that Tuesday could see the hottest September day in 55 years, as temperatures could reach over 31C near London.

If the temperature rises above 31.6C, which was reached at Gatwick on September 2, 1961, then it will be the hottest day for 55 years.

Merseyside will see the warmest of the weather on Wednesday when the region could see temperatures of 26C.

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