Could the UK see the hottest Autumn day since 1967 ?


Temperatures are set to rise due to warmer air from the south creeping its way over the UK during the next few days.

Temperatures could rise to around 24C on Merseyside at the start of this week, as plenty of sunny spells are expected.

Some parts of the south could see temperatures of nearly 30C, anything recorded over 30.2C this week would mean it’ll be the Autumn day since 1967.

A Met Office forecaster said: “Temperatures look above average through the week, with warm tropical air being pulled to the UK from ex-Tropical Storm Gaston, which will pass north-west of the UK on Monday.

“Highs will rise from 22C on Monday. Wednesday to Friday could see 27C, with a chance of 28C. London and the South-East look warmest”.

However the brief return of summer isn’t set to last, on Friday there will be a return of some showers that could last into Saturday and temperatures will feel cooler.

The Met Office added: “The South and Midlands will have the most sunshine, with the North also seeing sunny spells, before a possible breakdown from Friday”.

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