Stunning footage from space shows THREE hurricanes on the same day

The International Space Station this week filmed THREE Hurricanes on earths surface at the same time.

The ISS orbits 250 miles above the earth and captured the stunning footage above.

Two of the enormous storms were spotted over the Pacific Ocean, with the third spotted over the Atlantic.

The first of the storms seen, Hurricane Lester, was captured over the Eastern Pacific Ocean which contains winds of 14omph.

The second of the three storms, Hurricane Madeline, also formed over the Pacific but contains a much weaker 90mph winds.

The last of the storms spotted from space, Hurricane Gaston, formed in the Atlantic and had been heading for the UK, however, the Met Office has confirmed that the storm will miss.

The Met Office expect that the disruption from Hurricane Gaston will be minimal with wind speeds on Merseyside peaking at around 25mph on Saturday.

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