Air pollution levels forecast to rise today on Merseyside


After the hottest day of the year yesterday for the UK, air pollution levels are forecast to rise today from low to moderate/high in parts of Merseyside.

The department for Environment, food and rural affairs say that: Adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, who experience symptoms, should consider reducing strenuous physical activity, particularly outdoors.

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DEFRA say that people in this population bracket could be affected although it wont impact the general population.

They add: “Children with asthma may notice that they need to increase their use of reliever medication on days when levels of air pollution are higher than average”.

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Yesterday temperatures reached 32.9C in Gravesend, Kent. Temperatures on Merseyside reached over 25C.

However, temperatures are set to drop across the region for the rest of the week, as there will be a cooler feel to the weather.

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