The U.K will heat up this week, but Merseyside will miss out on the best of the weather


Forecasters are predicting the return of summer this week for the UK, after strong winds and heavy rain battered the country at the weekend.

However, Merseyside is set to miss out on the hottest of the temperatures as the south of the UK are set to see the best of the weather.

By Tuesday the region could see temperatures of over 25C, while the south of the country bakes in temperatures over 30C.

But don’t get too used to Tuesday’s rise in temperatures, the rest of the week is forecast to see more cloudy weather and a return to a slightly cooler feel to the weather.

The Met Office said: “Temperatures will probably become very warm in the south, but will be closer to average in the north-west.

Through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the fine weather will most likely spread north, but to a certain extent, as north-western parts may continue to see rain or showers.”

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