Spanish Plume: How hot will it get on Merseyside next week ?


Warm air from southern Europe will allow a brief spell of warmer weather to filter over the UK during the beginning of the new week.

This weekend will be mixed, with cloud on Saturday and more sunshine on Sunday, temperatures will be rising gradually towards the start of next week.

By Monday and Tuesday there will be plenty of dry sunny spells and temperatures could creep up to near 25C.

A Met Office spokesman said: “An area of low pressure looks likely to drag air up from the south across the UK.

“Despite being a week ahead, temperatures of 30-32°C look more likely than not across some southern parts of the UK on Monday and Tuesday and there is a chance that even northern parts of the UK could see temperatures into the high 20s Celsius.

However, during the middle of next week the short spell of hot weather is expected to break-down as rain spreads from the west, potentially with thunderstorms for a time.

By next weekend, a return to somewhat cooler, changeable weather is anticipated, with the weather generally driest and warmest in the south.

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