Venus may have been habitable, NASA says


Venus now has a carbon dioxide atmosphere, no water and temperatures of more than 460C.

But according to NASA scientists, the planet may have once been habitable.

Researchers found that Venus might have once had water and temperatures that could have allowed life to exist for up to two billion years of its early history.

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NASA Impression of what Venus could have looked like

The closeness of Venus to the sun caused the ocean to evaporate, which allowed carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere and created present 46oC searing heat.

Michael Way, a researcher at Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York, said: “Many of the same tools we use to model climate change on Earth can be adapted to study climates on other planets, both past and present.

“These results show ancient Venus may have been a very different place than it is today.”

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