Will Merseyside see any hot weather in August ?


We are nearly in August already and after seeing record temperatures in July, the question we all  want to know the answer to is will we see any more hot weather ?

The Met Office long range forecast says we will see potentially heavy rain and some sunshine at the start of the month with temperatures around 20C.

These showery conditions should continue through the first weekend.

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As we head towards mid August the latest indications are that changeable conditions will prevail, with intervals of dry, sunny weather interspersed with periods of rain, showers and strong winds.

Northwestern parts are likely to see the heaviest rain and strongest winds whereas the southeast should experience the best of the drier, brighter weather.

Some large swings in temperature are likely, although overall it should average out at close to or slightly below normal for the time of year.

So it’s looking as we wont see any temperatures over 30C but there will be some nice sunny spells at times.

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