Summer will return as Merseyside will be hotter than Spain this week


The news we have all been waiting for, summer will return this week thanks to warmer air from Southern Europe.

The new week will start dry and bright on Monday with top temperatures of 22C on Merseyside.

But it’s Tuesday that will see the hottest of the weather as temperatures of over 30C can be expected.

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That means Merseyside will be hotter than parts of Spain and even Hawaii.

And that’s not the end, forecasters say that the rest of the week will see similar dry and bright weather with temperatures over 20C.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Today will be cloudy for some at first, but plenty of sunshine will break through in most parts and it will become warm and humid.

“Tomorrow will be humid and rain-free again for most and it will become sunny and hot for many. Western Scotland and northwest England will feel fresher with light rain.

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“Temperatures will rise further on Tuesday, exceeding 30C in places.

“It will stay warm and humid on Wednesday but with some thunderstorms. Thursday will be fresher with sunshine and showers.”