Temperatures set to warm up on Merseyside.. but this doesn’t mean a 6 week heatwave

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Temperatures are set to warm up by the weekend as warmer air will arrive over the UK.

But unlike some recent reports, this doesn’t mean a 6 week heatwave like some newspapers have reported.

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This week will see a mix of heavy showers, cloud and some brighter spells, by the weekend the rain is set to ease with temperatures increasing.

Saturday and Sunday could see temperatures into the low 20’s on Merseyside.

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The Met Office say: ‘A largely dry and fine end to the week is expected’

‘It will become warm across southern parts, perhaps very warm, but further north temperatures will be closer to average’.

‘Into the following week northwestern parts are likely to see outbreaks of rain or showers, interspersed by drier and brighter interludes’.