How far has the Mars rover travelled in 4 years ? – The answer may surprise you


One Reddit user mapped the distance the Mars Curiosity rover has travelled on Mars from August 2012 to June 2016.

User Peenkeele plotted the results onto a map of New York City.

And yes, in 4 years, it hasn’t actually travelled that far, approximately 7 miles.. although it has collected a staggering amount of results from lots of scientific tests.

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Nasa found out only a few days ago that chemicals found in Martian rocks by the rover suggests the Red Planet once had more oxygen in its atmosphere than it does now.

Researchers found high levels of manganese oxides by using a laser-firing instrument on the rover.

This hint of more oxygen in Mars’ early atmosphere adds to other Curiosity findings, such as evidence about ancient lakes, revealing how Earth-like our neighboring planet once was.