Britain has left the EU, can we wave goodbye to our role in European space missions ?


It’s going to take time for Britain to negotiate trade deals and its hard to say for definite how much of a role the UK will play the future of the European Space Agency, which mans missions to the International Space Station and supports other space projects.

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But here are some things we do know: 

More than 3/4 of Britain’s space spending is sent to the 22-nation European Space Agency, which is not a European Union organisation.

According to ESA Director-General, Brexit should have little or no impact on the UK’s role in the ESA.

Norway and Switzerland are full members of the ESA that are not in the EU.

Britain’s space sector has been growing much faster than the British economy and in 2013 was estimated at £11.8BN which employs more than 35,000 people.

Airbus UK provides a lot of the hardware that makes the UK’s role in space missions possible.

However, leaving the EU makes it more difficult for Airbus to justify distributing work to the company’s UK plants, only time will tell if or how much some of that work will be moved abroad.