WATCH: Tim Peake feared main parachute had failed as he fell to Earth

Tim Peake has spoken to the media for the first time since he arrived back on earth after a 6 month stay on the ISS.

He revealed in a press conference today that as they fell towards earth he feared that the main parachutes that would slow their decent hadn’t opened.

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“I was told that it would stop with a big jolt as the main chute opened, but in our case, it didn’t.”

“The clock was running and I’m very aware of exactly what should happen at exactly what time. And the time had gone beyond the point at which the main chute had opened,”

“For a second I was concerned, and I looked across at Yuri. He was just sitting there so relaxed and cool as he always is. So I thought, well if we didn’t have a main chute, he wouldn’t be looking as cool as that,” Peake said.

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The main chute had deployed on time but had opened so gently that Peake had failed to notice it. “I wasn’t even aware it had opened”

Peake added: “Before the spacecraft re-entered Earth’s orbit on Saturday, explosive bolts blew it into three pieces, making a sound like a heavy machine gun”.