Severe weather warnings remain in place after flooding in parts of Merseyside


Severe weather warnings remain in place today and Thursday after the region was hit by downpours and flooding yesterday.

Some roads across the region were inaccessible and Cheshire Oaks had to be evacuated after multiple shops were flooded as the downpours it.

Parts of Wirral & Liverpool have been issued flood alerts by the Environment Agency, as more rain is expected and this could lead to the over topping of rivers.

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The flood warning reads: River levels are rising due to persistent rain throughout the day. River levels are forecast to reach their highest levels within the next few hours.

We are currently anticipating any possible flooding to property. We will continue to monitor and will update this message as the situation develops.

We are out clearing debris screens to minimise potential blockages and flow restriction. Rain this evening is expected to continue and may become heavier at times.

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The Met Office say we can expect a similar situation over the next few days.

Scattered heavy showers are expected to develop yet again on Thursday, and will lead to slow-moving downpours.

As on preceding days some locations will miss these downpours, but please be aware of possible localised flooding and disruption to travel where they do occur, some showers could be thundery.

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Weather warnings for heavy rain are in place throughout Wednesday until 11pm on Thursday.

The warning reads: The daily rise in temperature will again trigger slow-moving heavy showers and thunderstorms.

Once again, 15-25 mm could fall within an hour in scattered locations, bringing the risk of flooding, especially if across urban areas.