Sunday & Monday could see temperatures soar to nearly 30C on Merseyside

liverpool summer

Liverpool in the sun

The Met Office have predicted that Merseyside will see temperatures of nearly 30C on Merseyside this Sunday and Monday.

Temperatures are at least expected to hit over 25C and with plenty of sunny spells the mercury could unofficially creep up to nearer 30C during both days.

According to the Met Office temperature map, Merseyside could be one of the hottest parts of the UK through Sunday and Monday.

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Met Office temperature map

The warm weather is expected to continue through next week with a mix of cloudy conditions and some warm sunshine.

A Met Office spokeswoman said:  “In good sunshine we could see highs of 25C this weekend and lasting into the start of next week although there will be the chance of an isolated thundery burst with some heavy showers particularly in the south and the west.

She added: “High pressure responsible for the cool and wet conditions this week is gradually weakening allowing warm air up from the south.”