Merseyside expected to see 30C temperatures this summer


The Met Office long range forecast has indicated that temperatures could be above average during June and July.

The average temperatures for both months in the UK ranges from 16C-19C, however, looking back at prevouis years when temperatures have been above average, parts of the UK have experienced temps near 30C on some days.

The Met Office expect that during June “temperatures will often be around or above average, but locally feeling warm and pleasant in the drier and brighter periods”.


Black Pearl in New Brighton on Wirral’s hottest day of the year

Quite often with British summers, we also experience weather fronts moving in from the atlantic brining in strong winds and heavy rain.

The Met Office long range forecast also said: “Bands of rain or showers may spread in, perhaps most likely into southern and western parts, interspersed by drier and brighter periods”.