Twister is 20 years old this week, here’s 7 things you didn’t know..

  1. There’s a scene in the trailer that isn’t in the film. A tyre hurls towards the camera.
  2. It was the first ever film to be released on DVD.
  3. It was the last ever film to be released on HD-DVD
  4. Helen Hunt & Bill Paxman were temporarily blinded during filming due to filming lights being too bright.
  5. The thunder sound effects actually were made by using a camels groan, slowing it down and playing it backwards.
  6. The tagline ‘the dark side of nature’ was going to be originally called ‘it sucks’.. which does actually suck.. I’m glad they never made that decision.
  7. It was the second highest grossing film of 1996. It made $500m at the box office, behind Independence day which made $817m



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