World Weather: CCTV camera captures shocking moment wildfires burn down a local home in Fort McMurray.

Thousands of people have fled the Wildfires that are burning in Fort McMurray, Canada.

Some shocking footage has emerged over the last few days, but the above footage must be heartbreaking for the owners.

An indoor CCTV camera captures the moment the out of control fires burn down a local home.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 09.12.44

The video starts with a clear view of their living room, front window and two clown fish in a tank, but eventually and frighteningly quickly, the room is filled full of smoke and the entire home is overcome in flames.

About twenty minutes before O’Reilly and his wife had just barely enough time to grab some clothing and get to safety.

Just to show you how bad the fires actually are outside of the house, check out this dash cam footage of cars trying to make their escape.


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