Meteor shower could be visible in Merseyside skies this week

“Perseid meteor and Milky Way in 2009” by Brocken Inaglory
Debris from Halley’s comet will be visible over the UK this week.

The meteor shower will peak on Thursday night and into Friday when 10-20 meteors will be visible, if skies are clear.

Halleys comet takes 76 years to orbit the sun, leaving a trail of sand and dust in its path, which collides with our atmosphere.

The shower is active from April to November, but peaks this week and in October.

Credit: Kenneth Brandon
The best time to see them will be just before dawn on Friday, a dark location in the countryside would give the clearest view.

With mostly cloudy skies predicted for Merseyside the best chance of watching will be tuning in to a robotic telescope service, Slooh, who will be offering pictures online from 1am on Friday morning.


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