How common is snow in April ?


We are nearly heading into may, so how common is it for snow to fall at this time of year ?

Snow in April/May is not uncommon, in fact it’s more likely to snow in April than in November.

The UK average is for 2.3 days of snow in April, which is more than the 1.7 days for an average November.

In the UK the heaviest snow falls tend to occur when the air temperature is between zero and 2 C, so anything warmer will fall as sleet or rain.

READ MORE: Wirral & Liverpool issued severe snow weather warnings

Snow warnings have been in place for Thursday night and Friday morning, however, as temperatures will be around 4C it’s more likely to fall as sleet, with snow more likely on higher ground.

On 6 May 1997 over 200 stations across the UK recorded falling snow.


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