New Brighton lighthouse appears in a list of 20 of the finest views in Britain


New Brighton lighthouse has been featured in a list of 20 finest views in Britain.

The Daily Mail is counting down 100 of the best sights to enjoy this spring, in part three of their countdown they looked at 20 of the finest views to see in Britain.

New Brighton is in the same respectable list which features sights such as the Isles Of Scilly, Worbarrow Bay in Dorset and Brentor Church in Dartmoor.

New Brighton Lighthouse’s entry reads: “Seldom has the word ‘landmark’ been so appropriate”.

“A consistent presence since the 1600s when a wooden frame stood on the rock with a light burning at its head to warn passing shipping — hence the name of the rock, a ‘perch’ being the old term for a wooden tripod frame”.

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