WATCH: Drone footage reveals the marshland of Parkgate as you’ve never seen it before

This footage uploaded by Youtube user Rough Cuts reveals the Marshland in Parkgate as we’ve never seen it before.

Using an aerial drone the filmmaker captures these stunning visuals showing the huge size of the marshland, revealing rivers and patterns of water which snakes its way through the Marsh.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 14.32.20
Screenshot from the stunning footage
Alan from Rough Cuts said: “We’d got lucky on the day it was very still and dry.”

“Whilst most of my videos are of the North Wales coast and mountains, the marshlands around the south side of the Wirral are amazing from a couple of hundred feet up”.

He added: “The Parkgate films were actually one flight, but the quality of the footage was worthy of 2 separate movies”.

Since 1928 the silting of the River Dee has been accelerated by the deliberate introduction of the invasive colonising grass, resulting in the growth of extensive marshland.

During seasonal high tides the water reaches the sea wall, and visitors arrive at the village to witness the unusual sight.


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