Merseyside could see hottest day of the year as temperatures to reach over 15C on Wednesday, but will it last ?

warm weather on the way
Merseyside could see its hottest day of the year on Wednesday as forecasters are predicting  temperatures to reach over 15C.

Parts of the south of the UK could even see temperatures of over 20C according to the Met Office.

The brief warm spell will come to thanks to high pressure to building, allowing continental winds from the south that will bring warmer air over the UK.

There will be plenty of sunny spells throughout Tuesday and Wednesday on Merseyside, but it’s Wednesday that is expected to see the warmest of the weeks weather.

But don’t get too used to the warmer temperatures, from Thursday Arctic air will return from the north.

Daytime temperatures will drop as low 10C with an increase in cloudy conditions as we head towards the weekend.