LOOK: Tim Peake tweets this amazing picture of Wirral & Liverpool from space as the area enjoys a day of sunny weather

Wirral & Liverpool from space. CREDIT: Tim Peake/ESA

Today was a beautiful day across Merseyside, people flocked to many costal areas to enjoy the sunshine during the school holidays.

We took a trip down to New Brighton as many amateur photographers were making the most of the beautiful scenery by taking plenty of pictures.

New Brighton on Saturday. CREDIT: Tom Munns

But no picture can compare to astronaut Tim Peake’s breathtaking picture of Wirral and Liverpool from the International Space Station.

 Simply Stunning!

Last month Tim took an amazing picture of Wales from space which can be seen here, in the photo Wirral & Liverpool can be seen.

Sunday is expected to be another dry and bright day with a top temperature of 10C on Merseyside.

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